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FOX Business
Feb 15, 2013 12:00am EST
raise not like reagan or clinton or arch for norse were not punished. john: i look at "the new york times", a big front-page story. when you poll people butch we'll understand the free-market does that but we're not winning the hearts and minds. 60 percent of the job creators in recent survey said the government is hostile to small business and it can happen. >> this is done by the jobho creators alliance who want toe speak out.eneral have >> they have not wanted to participate. >> mean -- we need more no people to speak out in the parvey saying the federalartici government is possible and inhibits one job creation. >> will they need.ted >> they are afraid of the federal government franklyte that they will be regulated or targeted by the irs. who knows? >> look at standard and poor's, they did a poor job so did the competitors. they or the rating of the government and they are targeted. less than told. one thing that i saw was aoh big difference praising aw business, now has a captive customer base over four years. you have to please every second and you lose them and everything e
FOX Business
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
to president clinton and david stockman former budget director for president reagan. the author of the corruption of capitalism in america. all right. nice to have you all on here. i hardly know where to start. you were scribbling i while i was talking so i go with you. number one thing, 12.3 million people unemployed. people would like to work or more to pay their bills. what will the president say or do about that. >> he will have a lot to say about it but there is nothing we he can do. we're broke as country. we can't afford one plug nickel for tax cuts or tax credits or infrastructure programs or job programs. we have to focus on our debt which is far worse than the president thinks. because he's basing it on a 10-year rosie scenario from cbo and omb that is a fairytale. the real problem is much worse because we'll not go 14 years without a recession or create 18 million jobs in the next 10 years. melissa: right. >> when we have only created two in the last. so i'm saying they should focus on the job of washington to get our fiscal accounts in order before we go over the dee
FOX Business
Feb 8, 2013 12:00am EST
pelosi, hillary clinton, al gore. >> the people who make rules already have a choice i used to be a politician. >> get they oppose school choice for regular people. >> they give for taking my question. do you think molly and sasha would get the same high quality rigorous education in the d.c. public school? >> if a wanted to find a great public-school we could maneuver to do it. john: he did not want to. he announced since the girls to the same school the vice president grand children attended, a tuition is $32,000 per year in the union leaders? >> you went to private school. >> the head of the new york teachers' union, and he used up his speech the time he demanded more say my union contract demands seven more minutes to make their rigidity of the stupid union contract is why the kids suffer. your union is the problem. >> he opposes kids to escape the rules by allowing them to attend charter schools. >> over my dead body they will come here, i will be there and physically try to stop them, we'll and water don't mix, there is not half empty schools. john: he says they favor
FOX Business
Feb 22, 2013 5:00pm EST
the flexibility. all you have to do is look back to the 95-96 government shut down urmdz the clinton administration where they were deemed essential. it's done in the past, but we ask the secretary to do that again in this situation. adam: why don't they deem the inspectors essential? you can't send the meat out from a plant unless the inspector is there to okay it. >> that's right. by law, we cannot operate plants at all without the inspectors in place. it's a food safety issue. we want to make sure that we ensure the integrity of the beef supply and keep customers safe, but that's a question, that, unfortunately, the secretary's office was not able to give us a good answer on so we are still asking to be made clear why we cannot deem these potential furloughs as just being essential employees. adam: as a citizen of a country who takes pride in the agriculture, not just beef, but farm products, what do you do? call your senator, congressmen? what can the people do to avoid a potential shortage of beef? >> call the secretary of agriculture and tell him to look at this because we need
FOX Business
Feb 27, 2013 12:00am EST
increase of 77% of americans. >> we gave you a pound of flesh. >> the last budget was clinton was 1.8 from obama is three point* 6 trillion. do some math to figure out we have a spending problem. if we kept spending at rates of inflation plus population we would talk about surplus buwe're not unless u have a gun melissa: i'm melissa francis. here's what's "money" tonight. is wind energy really worth it? one town spent millions putting up turbines to go green but some locals are seeing red. they say they're getting sick. and now residents could be looking at a tax increase just to pay it take them down. do you believe that? you've to hear the story. is this the future of wind power in america. >>> two days to the sequester deadline but we have the "money" fix for the steep cuts. there are three cuts to the military that could stop the math and keep america safe. we have the details. we solve problems here. >>> parents filed suit against apple claiming it is o easy for kids to rack up massive charges for free games. now apple will pay out a truckload of cash to settle. but will it actually c
FOX Business
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
tremendous support from the u.s. government. we had secretary clinton come over and actually support us in our bid work there. the ambassador icen in country has been tremendously support citi. -- supportive in washington because we create a lot of jobs in the united states. melissa: flip side, natural gas is really cheap. there is so much fracking going on and the supply is so high that it seems like a long term structural change in the price of natural gas. how do you battle that? >> i lived through the gas boom and bubble in my career. keep in mind natural gas is a commodity that will go up and down with price as demand does. this $3 gas, to, two weeks ago in new york was $33. this ability to maintain this low price of gas is something that the market has not really looked at. and over the years, if you watch the gas price, its volatility is its weakness. trying to refer to gasoline in 1970 at 20 cents a gallon. today it is $4. demand drives the price and it is a global market. so china is competing for the same gas. europe is competing for that gas. why would you sell it for $3 in t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)